The Seven Stages
of Alchemical Transformation

Alchemy, that's where those whacky pseudo-scientists from the middle ages were trying to turn lead into gold, right? Well, maybe. There are many folks who insist that Alchemy was not about turning lead to gold that could be spent on the medieval equivalent of ipods and Red Sox tickets, but that the whole business was symbolic, that the Alchemists were out to transform the lead of the mundane human heart and mind into the gold of enlightened human soul. Of course, even the alchemists of today admit that some of those folks in the olde days really were trying to turn actual lead into actual gold, so today they refer to that sort of work as "Practical Alchemy", and the other as "Spiritual" or "Hermetic" or "Symbolic" Alchemy...

Recently, stage magician and Hermetic Alchemist Jeff McBride commissioned me to create a series of seven paintings, depicting the seven stages of alchemical transformation. Reading the old alchemical texts on a symbolic level, these are phases that the psyche moves through in it's process of evolving toward self-actualization.

7. Coagulation

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If you want to learn more about Alchemy, the premier resource on the web is Dennis William Hauck's Alchemy Lab.

1. Calcination

2. Dissolution
2. Dissolution

2. Dissolution
3. Separation

4. Conjunction

2. Dissolution
5. Fermentation

2. Dissolution
6. Distillation